Don's Axis and Allies Strategic Essays

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Don's Axis and Allies Essays

Essay Instructions and A&A Reference Map

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Essay #1 - Purchasing the Right Units for the Long-Term War

(The Approach to the Axis and Allies Session From the Beginning of Game)

Essay #2 - Allied Tactics: Elementary Principles

(How the Allies Can Usually Win Through Their Sheer Economic Potential)

Essay #3 - Axis Tactics: Aggressive Play for the Defensive-Minded Axis Player

(Axis Strategic Approaches that Can Help Even the Odds Against the Allies)

Essay #4 - Managing Territorial Dead Zones to Your Advantage

(The "Dead Zone", used as a concept and tool for Advanced Tactical Reasoning)

Essay #5 - Tactical Purchasing for the Knowledge Based Victory

(How to Leverage your Purchasing to Maximize Your Defensive and Offensive Potential)