Don's A&A Essay Instructions

Be advised that all of the essays are based upon the "Russians Don't Attack First Turn" version of the Milton Bradley edition of the "Axis and Allies" game. The recent Avalon Hill version is not specifically addressed in these writings, but you will find that many of the base concepts...including the infantry push mechanic (IPM) and the dead zone calculation...will be essential reading for any A&A game.

All of the essay contents are heavily cross-referenced against each other, and your reading should start with the numerical sequence, in ascending order. This is because you must properly understand the reasoning in the previous essays, so that you can follow the overall discussion in the later ones.

There is also a modest amount of reference terminology that will need understanding first, before moving on to the next topic of discussion - you will find that this is a crucial step for properly understanding the various point of references properly.  Once again, reading the essays in ascending order is usually necessary to achieve this level of understanding.

These essays are periodically updated for additions, clarifications, spelling errors, and minor corrections of the points contained within, and the date and description of the correction is listed in blue at the top of the essay. To see the latest version of each essay, you must select (refresh) that essay accordingly.

Any major revision or correction notification will be listed in red underneath the appropriate essay's name on this page. You should not see this often - it should only happen after the original "Axis and Allies" game rules change, reverse, or are otherwise modified in some crucial fashion.

I wish you "good reading", of course.

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